If you are like the thousands of people that just have not mastered the craft of chopstick then this is the item for you. The Kwik-Stix has been designed to make ti easier for you to use chopsticks. 

The Kwik-Stix pinch and click together for an easy grip  and can easily be separated by twisting the sticks for cleaning, easy storage or even to use as classic chop sticks.

Perfect for children and adults alike while training to use chopsticks in the classic grip, the Kwik-Stixs come in a range of colours and will make a great gift idea.



23cm length
Stylish struggle free chops sticks
Pinch and click together
Use as a training aid, will improve grip and coordination
Use as a classic chopstick or easy-grip chopstick
Sold individually
Mix and match colours
Dishwasher safe
Designed and made in Australia

Kwik - Stix Struggle Free Chopsticks