Chopstick training tends to be a nightmare especially when kids start throwing them around. So it's time to make mealtimes an exciting one for the kids while training them to easily use chopsticks with these adorably designed D.Line Kids Beginners Chopsticks!

A pair of these adorable chopsticks come's with a removal rubber character of a boy or a girl above. Once your little one has grown used to eating with chopsticks, you can simply have the rubber character removed, making it easier than ever to clean!

With an exciting choice between blue, pink, red, and purple colours, eating with chopsticks will no longer be a tedious affair but a fun one for the little ones!



  • Available in pairs
  • Measures 22cm x 1cm x 3cm
  • One pair of chopsticks includes removable rubber character
  • Choice of Boy or Girl rubber character
  • Select between red, blue, pink, purple by notifying us at the comments field at checkout

D.Line Boy & Girl Chopsticks